Max4Tech develops and distributes products specially designed for an easy installation and use. They consist in a range of electronic light dimmers (DimMax) and timers (TimeMax). They are developed, produced and market by Trump SA, a Belgian based company. DimMax stands for dimmers specially designed for the precise control of the light sources.

3 wires universal dimmer featuring world’s best LED experience

Less than two years after the launch of the best seller DimMax 420SL and 420SLR, Max4Tech launches the three wires 380SLX version.
The new universal silent dimmer is able to manage every conventional light sources, from the classical bulbs to halogenes bulb up to 420 Watt. DimMax 380SLX is the first dimmer offering a seamless experience for LED and filament LED lighting systems up to to at least 200 Watt. 

The New DimMax 420SL Mk II and 420SLR Mk II
The best universal dimmer with highest compatibility with LED bulbs. Give it a try...

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